Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never Again!

Truth be told, I sometimes get myself in over my head!

Take for example the cake I like to call "NEVER AGAIN"! When approached by a colleague to create a model of a building...from cake...I had to think on that one! I took a day to mull over the idea and decided that I couldn't pull it off, I didn't have the expertise for such an undertaking. Before I could say "in over my head" my colleague had convinced me that I could in fact create a building from cake. And there I was, in over my head.

I frantically baked cake after cake after cake after cake...there were wrapped cakes on my table, on my counters, on my coffee tables in the living room - piled 2 or three high in some spots! Then came the buttercream - somewhere in the vicinity of 7 Lbs. of butter, 42 egg whites and 1- and a half cups of sugar! I won't mention the small fortune spent on fondant icing...

With the gracious help of a friend of mine and upwards of 36 hours of creating I did in fact pull this one off! I present to you..."Never Again."

Will this be the last time I find myself in over my head? Probably not.

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