Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something's Fishy!

This week I purchased the Wilton tools for working with fondant...mainly for creating flowers.
But, because I like to think outside the box the first thing I created with the tools was a fish. Yes...a fish!

I had been hired to create a gone fishin' cake which had the potential to morph into another "Never Again!" But that fishy had nothing on my new tools!

I started with a ball of fondant icing...looking at a picture of a fish, I worked the icing in to this beauty! I detailed the fins with the sea-shell tool and used a pointy tool (I'm certain that's the technical term!) to sketch the lines and scales.

I then mixed Wilton's Luster Dust with a little rum - the instructions call for vodka but we were all out! I resisted the temptation to mix myself a little something and decided instead to keep my whits about me and finish this project in my right mind! Then the painting began...I worked towards blending the colours and finished off with a little shimmer all over.
Unfortunately for this little guy - he's on the chopping block! I painted the fondant with brown paste food colouring. To get the wood-look, I blended the colours with a paintbrush. And tada...something's fishy!

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