Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little Birdie Told Me...

...that Elle was turning 8!

My daughter Elle, sister to Ava and Kieran is our middle child! She is both strong-willed and agreeable, helpful and tenacious! She recently turned eight and to celebrate, I made her this tweet little confection (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Anyone that knows my Elle knows she is anything but a girlie-girl! So making this cake for her was a little risky! Here's where her 'agreeable' side comes in - she loved it! I think it was the little birdie that sold her on the cake (because I know it wasn't the pink flowers!)

I'm linking this post to Show and Share over at Just a Girl!

Happy birthday sweet Elle!


  1. Over from NFF. Beautiful cakes!!!!

  2. WOW!! It's so tweet....I love it! I also love making cakes - but mine are NOTHING compared to this one! Great job!


  3. hi, I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. I have worked with fondant a little. Your cakes are beautiful. If I were the little one receiving that cake, I would think I'd died and gone to heaven. Love the topsy turvy cake too. Come visit me at Purple Chocolat Home.

  4. The cake is amazing! And your daughter sounds just like my middle sister (out of three girls). She was always the tomboy, but she was agreeable with anything. And now she's one of my best friends. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    I'm a new follower from New Friend Friday.
    I hope you'll come check me out at PS Mom Reviews and follow me too!

  5. Cute, cute cute! I'm now a follower:)

  6. very cute! now i'm following :) i bake too! come on by and see some of my cakes (scrool past my vintage furniture posts)! i'm a new blogger and nobody comes to my page! hahaha... keep up the beautiful work :)