Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surf's Up!

My daughter played host to her friends at the local swimming pool for her 8th birthday party. Following two hours of splashing it up, we met for pizza and goodies galore. I made these cupcakes based on her request for a Surf's Up party - she asked for those flowers that grew on the tree near the house we stayed in in Hawaii (known to adults as hibiscus flowers!), surf boards and beach towels.

Surf's Up!

Goodies were sent home in these sweet little treats.

Chalk-full of sugary goodness - floss well children!

The kiddies enjoyed pop from The Pop Shoppe!

As a child, is there anything better than a birthday party with your friends?

Maybe sipping lime pop!
What a wonderful way to welcome summer!

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  1. I'm loving all of your cakes, but these little surf cupcakes might be my current favourite :)