Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Niblets

I would say I'm a pretty passionate person...and I think those who know me well would agree. My friends would say I'm passionate about my family and making ordinary days extraordinary...and I would agree.

So, it seems fitting that when birthdays roll they have a tendency to do...I fuel that passion for my family and the extraordinary with a birthday bash that memories are made of.

When my daughter (now 8 ~ I don't know who told her she was allowed to grow up so quickly:) celebrated her 6th birthday, the birthday bash was no exception.

The Theme: Penny Carnival
The Food: Hot Dogs & Potato Chips - Carnival Style
The Cake: Corn on the Cob...(cupcakes)

The How-to...

1. Have the birthday girl choose her flavour...chocolate cupcakes (made from scratch) it is!

2. Head to the grocery store to purchase popcorn flavoured Jelly Bellies...they are the perfect colour.

3. When you arrive, there may be none to be had...not at the grocery store...not at the candy store...nope, nada, nothin':(

4. While you're at the candy store, pick up some yellow Laffy Taffy...that way you won't feel like you're coming home empty-handed...and you can use it for the square of butter!

4. Implement Plan B...Here's where I ran into a problem; there was no plan B! Hmmm...what's a girl to do? Think outside the box...

5. Combine white jelly beans and yellow food colouring in a seal-able baggie...mix well. And presto...custom-coloured yellow jelly beans!

6. Choose three cupcakes that are similar size and height and line 'em up in a real-deal corn on the cob holder...found at the local Dollarama.

7. Ice each cupcake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing...yum!

8. Use your custom coloured :) jelly beans to create the rows of kernels.

9. Cut a square from the Laffy Taffy and soften the edges with your on one end (or in the middle if you're so inclined) of your ear of corn.

10. Season with clear candy crystals (I used Wilton)...and tada...

Corn on the Cob in all its sugary goodness!

On a side note...
To make the carnival experience that much more authentic, I served the hot-dogs, potato chips and veggies in a red basket lined with parchment paper.

And...what mama can write about her child's birthday and not include a picture of the birthday girl herself?

Sweet Niblets!

I'm linking this post to the Cupcake Challenge over at Hoosier Homemade.


  1. How fun! Love the picture of the birthday girl!
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun on the Cupcake Challenge!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog at D'Lea Designs. Your cupcakes are fantastic! What a fun idea.

  3. Love it! Love it! What a fun corn popping fun idea! I agree with your passion for birthdays! I've been the same way:)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! You make such amazing cakes and cupcakes!